My name is Natalie Arriola. I am a photographer and writer currently living in Fresno, CA. I try to find beauty in the dust, heat, and agriculture which make up California’s San Joaquin Valley. I like to say that “The Grapes of Wrath” was about my family.

A lot of what you will find here is landscape and nature photography. You will also find moody images of interiors and exteriors from my home, hotels, and the homes of my friends and family. As well as portraits and posts of occasional studio work. I am not the kind of artist who believes that I have some great message to pass on to my viewers, but rather that my viewers bear the message by way of what they find in my work.

I also enjoy conceptual photography and am currently working on developing a more comprehensive body of conceptual work.

29th November 2012


Repose 9

Repose 9

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